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When we see a new patient we do a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, soft tissue of your mouth,  your joints and even check your skin for any abnormalities.

We also do routine examination at every hygiene appointment. 

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Dental Fillings

A filling is a way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. First the decayed tooth material, is removed, the tooth is cleaned and then the cleaned out cavity is filled with a filling material.

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Dental Hygiene

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Our office has been working very closely with denturists in town for several years. When you need dentures we refer to a denturist of your choice.

We have three very experienced and lovely hygienists working at the office. All  hygienists and myself pride ourselves on providing the best prophylactic care to our patients. At every hygiene appointment, the patient is screened for oral cancer, checked for cavities, for progress or stabilization of periodontal disease and have the teeth throroughly cleaned. 

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Emergency Dentistry

We try to attend the emergency as soon as possible, preferably the  same day. It really depends on our schedule and how the day progresses. Please be understanding.

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Children's Appointments

We love to see children of all ages. Depending on the age and the child's behaviour we have different treatments that suit the child's needs. We have dentist's approved treats and lots of laughs available for the little ones

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And more sevices..

There is much more services that we provide: 

whitening; crowns; implant supported crowns, bridges, dentures; Invisalign orthodontics;

root canal treatment, extractions, sleep apnea appliances and more. Call the office, make an appointment and I will be happy to  answer any questions and provide treatment plan. 

Hope to see you soon, 

Dr. Anna Tucka

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Dr. Anna Tucka, Dentist

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Our Team

Dr. Anna Tucka


Anna graduated in Dentistry from Medical Academy of Gdansk, Poland.

After immigrating to Canada she passed the qualifying examinations with the National Dental Examining Board and has been practicing in Port Hope since 2008. Anna's passions are sailing, diving, travelling and supporting the community.



Jordan Whately

Restorative Hygienist

Jordan is a Registered Restorative Hygienist and you may see her here for cleanings or if you need a cavity filled! Jordan is a proud dog mom & enjoys collecting beautiful one of a kind jewellery.

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Mellissa Currie


Mellissa is a Mom to two young boys and she loves animals, especially dogs. In her busy life she is still able to come to work and be the best and kindest. Mellissa is a quiet yet hard working and compasionate. 

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Sandra Doerpinghaus

I am not sure about you but I never liked to see the dentist. When I was young, a particular painful visit scared me for life. That is, until I sat on Dr. Anna's chair. She has not only taken my fear of dentists but she also renewed my entire smile from black fillings and crocked teeth to a very confident smile. Not once has it hurt and she is looking after my teeth for more than 15 years. 

Dr. Anna is hands down the best dentist in the world! 

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