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Our office is located on the corner of Mill Street South and Dorset Street East. It is considered a part of a beautiful Downtown Port Hope, a town with the best-preserved main street, Walton Street.

Since coming to Port Hope my BIGGEST DREAM and goal was to renovate and move to an old building. When one that was suitable for renovation/addition became available I was all over it.

My architect, Mr. Philip Goldsmith, and myself wanted to preserve as much of the original old building as possible but it proved to be very challenging.

There is still quite a bit of the original building from the late 1800, and now it is a waiting room and patients' bathroom.

The rest, where the dental operatories are located is brand new, 2019. We moved in at the end of September 2019, and so far we are very happy here.

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Dr. Anna Tucka

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37 Mill Street SouthPort Hope, ON
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